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Meet Our Regular Unity Burbank Speakers


Every Sunday, we offer a regular rotation of gifted New Thought leaders to provide different viewpoints & perspectives on the topic of the month. While we do have guest speakers at Unity Burbank, below are the speakers in our regular rotation. 

Jimmy Burns

Jimmy Burns is one of our own here at Unity Burbank where he has been a member since 1994. He was drafted and trained to be a minister’s assistant and lead guided meditation by Reverend Sheila Christly. After Rev. Sheila’s retirement, Revered Stan Howse took over as spiritual leader and trained Jimmy on how to deliver Sunday service. Jimmy’s Unity studies, including The Quest and 4T, along with his occupation as a stand-up comedian make him an engaging, uplifting and entertaining speaker. 

Niki Elliott, Ph.D.

April 22, 2013

Niki Elliott, Ph.D., is a professional educator, speaker and pioneer in the field of energetic healing and intuition development. Her transformational appearances empower audiences to take radical action that embraces their innate intuitive power and potential. Dr. Niki is the author of The Intuitive Mother: A 21-Day Spiritual Journey That Will Change Your Family Forever

Rev. Maria Felipe

Maria Felipe is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light, which she uses to help people quiet their minds, hear their inner guidance and connect to God. Maria is part of our English speaker rotation, but she is also the leader of our Spanish ministry. Maria is a prominent A Course In Miracles instructor and teaches it both in English and in Spanish here at Unity Burbank.

Rev. Jenenne Macklin

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Rev. Jenenne Macklin is a Transformational Speaker, Trainer, Intuitive Business Consultant. Her current book “Let’s Get You Happy, First – 4 Steps To Get You To Your Happy" is an ode to women’s empowerment and commitment to radical self-care.

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