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How Unity Burbank Serves the Community


Here at Unity Burbank Center for Spiritual Awareness we are a force for good, both in our local area, and in the world at large.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Numerous AA groups meet on our premises.

  • Mondays at 12 noon: "Lunch Bunch Group" Open Meeting

  • Wednesdays at 12 noon: "Noon Step Study Group" Open Meeting

  • Fridays at 12 noon: "Circle of Women Group" Closed Group, Women Only 


Burbank Family Services

Burbank Family Services offers shelter from domestic violence, anger management classes for batterers, and programs for teens at risk. Unity Burbank supports this charity with cash donations, gift cards and groceries.

Burbank Temporary Aid

Unity Burbanks collects food and toiletries for the low income in our community.

Foster Care Ministry 

The third Sunday of every month Unity Burbank runs an "Extra Buck" Sunday where we ask members to give one extra dollar so that we can grant a foster child's wish via One Simple Wish. 


The proceeds go toward the Unity Burbank One Simple Wish campaign. One Simple Wish buys toys, clothes, sports gear for foster children. Often the gift represents the only thing the child will own that is his or her very own. 


The Unity Burbank congregation also writes messages of encouragement to be delivered to children in foster care based on the month's theme.


Click here to view Unity Burbank's One Simple Wish campaign



Good Shepherd Center 

For Homeless Women & Children

We collect toiletries, clothes and cash gifts. Homeless women have little to call their own. It's amazing how a bottle of their own shampoo can make them feel.

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